Top 10 Small-Group Ministry Training Tools of 2018

Top 10 Small-Group Ministry Training Tools of 2018

This year’s most popular resources for small-group ministry

Building and maintaining a thriving small-groups ministry requires so much of your time and attention. You may find yourself feeling pulled in 10 different directions as you serve each week. At, we know you want to make the biggest impact possible, and we know your time is limited. That's why we've compiled a list of our most popular resources from 2018. From casting vision to leader training, these tools are designed to help you use the time you do have to skillfully lead a healthy small-group ministry and see lives changed. You can do it - we're cheering you on!

1. Small-Group Leaders Training Program
Set a firm foundation for your new small-group leaders.

Training new small-group leaders can be difficult. What exactly do they need to get started? How can you help first-time leaders feel confident? And how do you keep the training and ongoing coaching process stress-free?

With the Small-Group Leaders Training Program, we've done the hard work for you. You'll get all the tools you need to implement an engaging and practical training in the format that works best for you: a half-day workshop, a five-week turbo group, or a variety of other formats. Our program includes a comprehensive leader's guide and five video sessions. Participant workbooks can be purchased separately.

2. Orientation Guides
Resources for every role in small-group ministry, from from director to leader.

Getting started as as a brand new small-group director, coach, or leader is a daunting task. That's why we created our popular orientation guides. Designed with specific training for each role, these guides lay out job descriptions, essential knowledge, and encouragement to get you started!

Our director & leader guides are also offered in Spanish.

3. Create Sermon-Based Studies
How to write engaging group studies using your pastor's sermons.

Linking your pastor's weekly sermons with your small-group curriculum opens the door for meaningful group conversations and transformation that sticks. You don't need a large church or specialized campaign to make sermon-based small groups work. In fact, you can offer sermon-based small-group guides to your leaders year-round.

This training tool will show you how to take your pastor's sermon notes and turn them into easy-to-use guides that can help your small-group leaders facilitate thoughtful discussions. It's easier than you might think!

4. Develop a Group Strategy
Expert advice on creating a custom plan for your ministry.

Recent research from LifeWay reveals that less than 50 percent of churches have a well-defined strategy for their small-groups ministry. Yikes! But we understand - it's challenging to find a structure that works best for your groups.

Human instinct tells us to look to others who are succeeding and simply try to copy their methods. But when that approach fails, we can see the ways our ministries strengths and weaknesses differ from others. Let us show you a different way. We've gathered the most helpful strategies from top leaders in small-group ministry. Learn what it takes to make your ministry flourish and how to get from point A to point B. With this tool, you'll create a structure that fits your context and meets your goals for group life.

5. Leading 101
The basics of leading a small group.

Just like new college students need 101 classes to lay the foundation for more complex learning later on, new small-group leaders need a 101 class to pave the way for in-depth training in leading a group. We've designed Leading 101 to walk new leaders through the basics of leading a group. With this tool, they'll learn how to prepare for group meetings, lead discussions, welcome new members, handle challenging group dynamics, and apprentice new leaders. Use this resource to train yourself, or distribute it to the leaders you coach to set them up for success!

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