5 Ways Small Groups Can Handle Summer

5 Ways Small Groups Can Handle Summer

Practical ideas beyond the meet or don’t meet debate
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5. Take a Break

It’s not always a bad idea to take a break for the summer. Sometimes scheduling simply won’t work, or taking a break will free up group members to participate in other church activities over the summer. Another great reason: you need a break. Don’t beat yourself up. Do communicate clearly by the end of May what you plan to do and set a startup date in August or September before you break for the summer. That way everyone is prepared and informed. Then touch base with group members as often as makes sense. Even a quick note on Facebook can go a long way in staying connected through the summer months. (To determine whether you should take a break, check out these suggestions.)

Whatever you decide to do this summer, make sure you communicate clearly both what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Taking a break from your usual routine can actually invigorate your group, so be sure to communicate that fact. Then ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

—Amy Jackson is managing editor of SmallGroups.com.

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