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What should the minimum qualifications be for people we want to recruit as small-group hosts?

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Posted: June 17, 2011
Rosilin Gibson   (Registered User)

Holy Ghost filled and prepared to host people from different back grounds and they must exert the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Patient, longsuffering and above all charitable

Posted: May 19, 2011
ron   (Guest)

"host" not leader. a host needs the gift of hospitality - good personality, food, environment. they need to be able to make each person comfortable and at ease. they need to be discerning to know when someone is not, and be able to adress this. people want to feel like they are home and welcome to be there...part of their family (in a good way, not the crazy aunt). having no plastic covers on the couches. having pillows and throws on furniture, some oversized pillows on the floor, candles, plenty of seating... lot's of love. someone who values the people more than a stain on their carpet or a broken vase.

Posted: March 24, 2011
Allen White   (Registered User)

Breathing, interested and relational.

Posted: August 08, 2010
Harold Cain   (Guest)

Lets go beyond the general semantics if we may. Having a deep personal relationship with the Lord and understanding His direction and desires and understanding that He equips you for whatever His desire is. When He wants you for His needs; He will equip! This includes understandings, needs, relationships, study, interruptions etc. The Lord give the necessary tools to the called leaders to work by. When we start to worry about all the fine details or whether we have the latest this or that in place, we preclude His attention to take care of all. We cannot be everywhere, see everything, have every rule listed and still serve the Lord. When we get so enamored with getting it right, maybe we should as the this what the Lord would have me to do?

Posted: April 27, 2010
Joy Atkinson   (Guest)

I believe that God's word stands for itself. Anyone can start a small group because it is a relational thing. When studying the bible, everyone being encouraged to take part and look for the answers as a group is what makes the group enjoyable. When one person does all the talking in the leadership role, others begin to feel as if they have no ownership of the group. I agree with Jenny about the host and leader option. Hospitality is so important to making everyone feel comfortable. Being gifted to be lither a leader or host playsa hugh role in the small group.

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