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Show Your Cards

Use playing cards to vary check-in responses.

Amy Jackson  |  posted 8/27/2012

Pass around a deck of cards, asking group members to draw one card off the top. Then hand out the grid below. Go around the circle, allowing group members to share the appropriate detail about the previous week. Collect cards. Group members can hold on to the grid for future meetings.

Ace Favorite activity/moment of the week
King One thing you're thankful for this week
Queen One accomplishment of the week
Jack One creative thing you did this week
Black number One thing you did to bless someone this week
Red number One way you were blessed by someone this week

Note: You can also change the responses to fit your study, group purpose, or focus.

Topics:Discussion starters, Fun, Icebreakers, Sharing
Date Added:August 27, 2012

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