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Postage-Stamp Faith

Group members funnel their faith into an image on a postage stamp.

Tami Rudkin  |  posted 12/12/2001

Make a template of an average-sized postage stamp and cut out as many squares or rectangles so that each person in your group would have one. Hand out one to each group member and ask, "If you only had a postage stamp to express your faith what would you write or draw?" Have your group take a few minutes to design their stamp and then have them share what they did. Make sure to assure your group that this is for fun and that artistic ability is not the point.

Topics:Communication, Creativity, Evangelism, Icebreakers, Outreach, Testimony, Witnessing
References:Matthew 28:18-20, 1 Peter 3:15
Date Added:December 12, 2001

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