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Small-Group Leader: You're Changing Lives!

Small-Group Leader: You're Changing Lives!

What you do has eternal significance.

Michael C. Mack  |  posted 11/05/2012

A salesman in another group had to keep turning down sales appointments because his family only had one working vehicle. A member of his small group had just purchased a new car, so he gave the salesman his used car. This empowered the salesman to continue working in order to support his family.

A couple from another group moved from Louisville to Delaware. Two months later, the wife had surgery, so people from the group drove the 12-hour trip to be with her and her family. The sacrifice this group offered spoke volumes to the family.

All these groups were led by ordinary leaders who served an extraordinary God. I believe every small-group leader can have this kind of impact. You can't make it happen, but God will multiply your faithfulness and your wholehearted work as you are involved in his mission.

Let me encourage you, leader: Don't give up! What you do is way too important. Like Mark, Lyric, and all these group leaders, what you do has eternal significance.

—Michael Mack is founder of, and author of several books including, Small Group Vital Signs; used with permission from the author.

Topics:Community, Encouragement, Friendship, Leadership, Life-change, Relationships, Support, Transformation
Date Added:November 05, 2012

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