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How Jesus Used Learning Experiences

How Jesus Used Learning Experiences

An in-depth look at some of the Master Teacher's methods

 |  posted 5/21/2008

Jesus involved his disciples in a special style of learning experiences. And as rock-solid teachers, we have the privilege of following the Master Teacher's model. Consider the three different aspects of learning situations: awareness, truth, and experience.

  • Awareness. Awareness is when the student's motivation has been developed. The student hungers for the content of the lesson. Teaching for awareness occurs when you build the need for knowledge in a student's life. Bruce Wilkinson states that when you build the need, you provide the main method of motivation in a student's life. This is our primary calling, because it brings the student's real need to the surface before we teach him or her the "content."

Topics:Creativity, Education, Jesus Christ, Learning, Teaching
References:Luke 11:1-4, John 6:1-15, John 17:17
Date Added:May 21, 2008


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