Are You Engaging Everyone?

Are You Engaging Everyone?

Don't leave any of your group members behind.

Most small groups are made of a mixture of people—differences in age, marital status, learning styles, gender, or even spiritual maturity. And everyone can learn a lot through this kind of diversity. On the other hand, diversity makes it more likely that we'll leave someone out in our discussions.

Use this Assessment Pack to determine if you're engaging everyone in your group—and gain great ideas for getting everyone involved. Discover whether you're sharing ownership, appealing to multiple learning styles, and more.

For a sample from this resource, see Share the Ownership.

Leader's Guide

Leader Responsibilities

Are Group Members Experiencing Life Change?
Take a deeper look at several categories of group life.
By Rick Lowry

Do I Engage Different Learning Styles?
Addressing how different people learn gives you a better shot at engaging them.
By Scottie May and Sam O'Neal

Sensory Small Groups
Use all five senses to help group members engage.
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Accountable Application
Don't forget to engage your group with application questions.
By Mark Ingmire

Are You Listening to Group Members?
Take time to practice the fine art of listening.
By David Ping

Practical Ways to Reach People of Different Generations
Ideas that work for everyone
Compiled by the editors of

Cultivating a Disciple-Making Environment for Everyone
Create an environment that encourages the disciple-making process.
By Reid Smith

Group Member Involvement

Share the Ownership
Thirteen roles to get everyone involved
By Jay Firebaugh

Create Comfort
Make new believers and seekers comfortable among mature believers.
By Reid Smith

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