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Top-Ten List

Worst Topical Bible Studies

Top 10 worst ideas for a topical Bible study.

 |  posted 10/12/1999

10. Adam & Eve: "Weaving fig leaves in a frenzy"

9. The Biblical Diet Plan: Fasting

8. Did Adam Have A Belly Button?

7. Polygamy: Men with complicated lives.

6. Gossip-The Art of Sharing Prayer Requests Without Really Praying.

5. Grief - Get Over It!

4. "You think you've got it bad: A study of Jeremiah & Lamentations"; or "How to get really depressed."

3. ...

Topics:Community, Fellowship, Fun, Humor, Leadership
References:Genesis 2:7, Genesis 3:7, Lamentations
Date Added:October 12, 1999


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