When and How to End Well

When and How to End Well

Learn how to end your group in a healthy way.

Very little small-group training focuses on the end of a group. For obvious reasons, the hope is that your group will remain strong and vibrant for a long time. At the same time, all groups will end, and it's important to do so in a healthy way.

This Training Tool is designed to help you determine if it's time to end and, if it is, how to end in a positive way. Use this resource on your own, with a group of leaders, or as the basis for your next training event.

For a free sample from this resource, read Celebrate the End.

Leader's Guide


When Your Small Group Becomes a Burden
Leaving your group is an option, but it should be your last resort.
By Sam O'Neal

Is It Time to Break Up?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Ask these questions to determine if it may be time to split up, bring in new people, or focus on a new purpose.
By Keith Wright

Four Symptoms of Dying Groups
Should you work through them or abandon ship?
By Joel Comiskey

Stepping Down from Leadership
The why and how of removing yourself from small-group leadership
By Heather Zempel

Stop Burnout from Happening
Take stock of your health, check in with others, and be willing to take a break.
By Allen White

Is It Time to Call It Quits?
Check your symptoms and discover your options.
Compiled by the editors of SmallGroups.com

Healthy Endings

Preparing Your Group for Ending and Multiplying
Throughout the life of your group, you'll need to cast a vision for why groups end.
By Rick Howerton

When Comfort Becomes a Bad Thing
What to do when you've been together too long
By Diana Bennett

Principles of Group Closure
Good endings can make for good beginnings in the future.
By Randall S. Brenton

Celebrate the End
Activities to bring closure and build excitement for the future
By Peri Gilbert

Cutting the Cord
How to successfully birth a new small group from an existing one
By Eric Metcalf


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