Turn Ministry Teams into Small Groups

Turn Ministry Teams into Small Groups

How to transition a task group into a community group

Chances are your church already has several ministry teams. These teams are natural places for relational connections, and they draw people who might be intimidated by small groups. But a few changes can create a community feel in your ministry teams so that team members benefit from some of the same aspects as small-group members. Take it a step further and you can actually transition ministry teams into more traditional small groups.

If your church has several ministry teams, committees, or short-term task groups, you should consider transitioning these already-formed relationships into small groups. This Training Tool will show you how to incorporate small-group aspects into ministry teams and even transition teams into small groups.

For a sample from this Training Tool, read "Ministry Teams Make Great Small Groups."


Ministry Teams Make Great Small Groups
Why you should consider transitioning teams into groups
By Seth Widner

Prepare to Transition

Qualities of a Winning Team
Healthy teams accomplish more and transition more easily.
By Greg Ogden

Transform Ministry Teams into Caring Communities
Six areas teams must address to transform
By Roberta Hestenes

Smooth Transitions

Transition Ministry Teams to Small Groups
Five tips for a healthy, smooth transition
By Seth Widner

Leverage Existing Relationships
Thinking beyond ministry teams to a variety of groups and events
By Carolyn Taketa

Fishing for Small-Group Leaders
What it takes to reel in the kind of leader you really want
By Tom Bandy

Ten Practices of Effective Small-Group Leaders
Practical training for new leaders
By Reid Smith

Three Patterns of Vibrant Small Groups
Whatever form your group takes, it will need these three elements.
By Bill Search

The Right Rhythm for Your Group
Tips to find the right schedule and agenda for a ministry team turned small group
By Amy Jackson


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