Train New Small-Group Leaders

Train New Small-Group Leaders

Everything you need to effectively train new leaders.

Whether you're starting a new ministry or simply adding new leaders to your existing ministry, this Small Group Essentials Training Tool will give you everything you need to know how to train new leaders. Learn how to train using turbo groups or training events. It's ideal when you need several new leaders at once. The training included is perfect for training yourself, training leaders one-on-one, or training a team of leaders. The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Effective Turbo Groups
Turbo groups are an effective way to train several new small-group leaders and co-leaders at once. They are also an excellent method for exposing potential leaders to the routines and requirements of a small group in order to gauge their willingness and capability for the role. We give you everything you need to launch and run an effective turbo group: easy-to-digest articles on the basics of small-group leadership, forms for updates and record-keeping, and an extensive five-week curriculum designed to mold potential leaders into effective leaders.

Creative Small-Group Leader Training
Regardless of the small-group leader training offered to new leaders at your church, there are issues and needs that come up that require additional training. And many churches like the idea of training events where all the small-group leaders are present. But too often these events are poorly attended and elicit negative feedback from leaders. Learn the secrets to holding training events that small-group leaders want to come to. You'll gain from the experiences of people who have been training leaders for years. Plus, we offer several field-tested activities you can incorporate into your next training event.

Small-Group Leader Orientation Guide
Everything you need for a crash course for new leaders is included. A Job Description clarifies expectations and responsibilities, and practical articles share the big picture of small groups and the importance of leaders. Every small-group leader should work through this incredible resource.

Small-Group L eading 101
There's a reason college students are required to take 101 classes—they set a foundation for more in-depth classes they'll take later. These classes give the basics and serve as a survival guide for the subject. New small-group leaders need a 101 class, too. That isn't to say they won't ever need more training, but they need a base—something to help them get off to a great start and navigate the responsibilities of their role. Learn how to train new leaders to prepare for group meetings, lead discussions, handle challenging group dynamics, welcome new members, and apprentice new leaders.

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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