Teaching in Smaller Groups

Teaching in Smaller Groups

Guidance for teaching in a Bible study, small group, or Sunday school class.

Teaching looks different in different contexts. Aside from preaching, most of the teaching in a church happens in smaller contexts—Bible study, Sunday school, etc.

This 22-page resource is designed to help anyone who teaches a smaller group in the church. We've paired general teaching tips with guidance for leading good discussions.

Note: This resource was originally produced by our sister site, www.BuildingChurchLeaders.com

Tools for Teaching

Active Learning Methods
Encourage your Sunday school class or Bible study group to engage the lesson.
By Steve Grusendorf

Illustrations That Cover the Canvas
Tailor them to fit the people in your group.
By Roberta Hestenes

Modeling Transparency with Care
Consider these six guidelines for fostering transparency in your group—and the benefits of doing so.
By Terry Powell

Handling Difficult People
Consider how you can apply three styles of discipline in different situations.
By Larry Lindquist

Leading the Discussion

How to Lead a Good Discussion
Follow these basic principles for leading a small group.
By JoHannah Reardon

When People Talk Too Little
Practical tips for handling a resounding small-group silence
By Sam O'Neal

When People Talk Too Much
Practical tips for managing a dominant personality
By Sam O'Neal

Effective Bible Study Questions
Make sure your questions meet these four criteria.
By Terry Powell

How to Respond to Their Answers
Asking good questions is important, but what do you do with the answers you get?
By Terry Powell

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