Reboot Your Ministry
Experts share how to get past the obstacles that hold you back.
Reboot Your Ministry

Sessions Include:

Session #1

Video: Pinpoint the Problem

What’s driving you to make a change?


  • Re-Launching a Small-Groups Ministry
Session #2

Video: Identify Your Vision

Develop a compelling vision for your ministry.


  • Small-Group Evaluations Assessment Pack
  • Create a Compelling Vision
Session #3

Video: Explore Models

Sort through the myriad of models to find the right one for your context.


  • Become a Church of Groups
  • Effective Affinity Groups
Session #4

Video: Organize

What kind of structure does your ministry need?


  • Organize Your Ministry
  • Develop a Group Strategy
Session #5

Video: Recruit Leaders

What makes a good leader?


  • Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders
  • Recruiting Reluctant Small-Group Leaders
Session #6

Video: Initial Leader Training

Give new leaders whay they need to start with confidence.


  • Small-Group Host Orientation
  • Foundations of a Small-Group Leader
Session #7

Video: Ongoing Leader Training

Learn the basics of ongoing coaching and connection with leaders.


  • Creative Leader Training
  • Coaching Small-Group Leaders
  • Soul Care for Leaders
Session #8

Video: Share Your Vision

Get the word out about your small-group ministry.


  • Making a Case for Small Groups
  • Casting Vision for Small Groups
Session #9

Video: Connect People

Easy strategies to move people into small groups.


  • Family-Friendly Small-Groups
  • Effective Intergenerational Small Groups
  • Small-Group Assimilation Strategies
Session #10

Video: Put Your Plan in Action

Get ready for an adventure.


  • Market Your Small-Group Ministry
  • Connecting Newcomers
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