Staying Connected to Your Church

Staying Connected to Your Church

Tools for getting and keeping your small groups connected to your church's mission

Trevor Lee gets it right when he writes in our overview article, "If your church is pulling one way and you and your group members are pulling in another, nobody will go anywhere. But when you align the group with your church, you'll set everyone up for great things." Too often small-group coaches and directors complain about "rogue" groups—those small groups that have pulled away from the church's aims and mission to do their own things. While there is room for diversity in small-group ministry, it's important that small-group leaders are in step with their coaches and church leaders so that the small-group ministry can produce the most fruit.

Use the resource to help your group get and stay connected to your church, and expect God to do great things through unified mission.

Note: To see a sample from this resource, see Connecting Your Small Group with Your Church.

Leader's Guide


How to Align Your Group and Your Church
Because things won't work if you are pulled in two directions
By Trevor Lee

Getting Connected

The Connected Small-Group Leader
The importance of staying connected to your coach
By Seth Widner

Connecting Your Small Group with Your Church
Seven ideas for staying connected
By Carolyn Taketa

Group Effort
Service, both inside and outside the church walls, helps small groups shine.
By Lee Dean

Praying Over Church Leaders
How your group can support and encourage your church
By Andrew Wheeler

Pulling Off a Successful All-Church Campaign
Here are the main benefits and challenges.
By Bill Search

Why I'm Such a Believer in Sermon-Based Small Groups
Three reasons that just might convince you
By Jay Firebaugh

Getting Everyone to Support Small-Group Ministry
Why it's critical for the entire church leadership to get on board
By Rick Howerton

God's Foundation for Community
Learning from the early church
By Seth Widner


A Battle P.L.A.N. for Conquering Gossip
Prepare for when real sharing crosses the line into real gossip.
By Rachel Gilmore

Is There a Disconnect?
Warning signs that a small group is wandering away from the church
By Tom Bandy


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