Starting a House Church

Starting a House Church

Helpful advice from experienced leaders in the simple-church movement

When done right, house churches are a low-cost, high-impact way to spread the Gospel through authentic Christian communities. The problem is that they are often done wrong, and the majority of American house churches do not remain in existence for more than a year.

This training resource is designed to help those who want to learn more about house church as a viable option for ministry. The articles included here will help you map out an effective beginning for your community. More importantly, they will provide guidance and practical ideas for sustaining that community and strengthening it as a lighthouse for God's kingdom.

Starting Well

House Churches in North America
A broad look at the "simple church" movement
By Bill Tenney-Brittian

Finding the Right Vision and the Right People
Important steps in the formation of a house church
By Trevor Lee

Your First Gathering as a House Church
An accessible house, good food, and friendly people are parts of a great plan for launch.
By Lee Dean

How to Have a Participatory Church Meeting
Six guidelines that should frame our gatherings today
By Rusty Entrekin

Maintaining Momentum

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Simple Churches
The key practices that converge in a healthy body of believers
By Don Graves and Ron King

Helpful Hints for Hosting the Lord's Supper
Use these practical guidelines to keep things running smoothly.
By Sandra Atkerson

Overcoming Obstacles
A candid look at the challenges most house churches face
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Take Advantage of House-Church Networks
Tap into local, regional, and national networks to help get your house church thrive.
By Lee Dean

Why House Churches Need Accountability
Vital practices that can maintain healthy house churches and networks
By Bill Tenny-Brittian

Addressing the Threat of Heresy
What are we actually afraid of, and what can be done about it?
By Neil Cole

Further Exploration
Websites and books to help you start a house church

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