Start Your Small-Group Ministry

Start Your Small-Group Ministry

Everything you need to start a new ministry

Congrats! You're starting (or re-starting) a small-group ministry! You're embarking on an important adventure that will lead to discipleship and transformational community. But it also requires a lot of hard work. No doubt, you need a little guidance in this adventure, and we're here to help. This Small Group Essentials Training Tool gives you everything you need to start a healthy small-group ministry that fits your church's culture. Learn how to create and cast a vision for your ministry, recruit new leaders, and assimilate church members into groups. Plus, learn your exact responsibilities as the point person for the ministry, and gain great sample forms and applications to customize for your ministry.

This resource is perfect to train yourself as you begin a new ministry, train a new small-group director, or train key staff members and volunteers as you begin this new ministry. The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Small-Group Director Orientation Guide
Whether you're called director, coordinator, pastor, or champion, this orientation guide will give you a clear understanding of your role. A Job Description clarifies expectations and responsibilities, and practical articles share the big picture of small groups. Plus, you'll gain wisdom from how-to articles that explain ministry structure, training leaders, coaching, and more.

Casting a Vision for Small Groups
Starting a small-group ministry in your church is a great idea, but spreading the word about your idea will be tougher than it sounds. How will you get the church leadership on board? How will you find the necessary small-group leaders? How will you advertise the opportunities to the rest of the church? We'll help you answer these questions and more.

Best Church Practices: Small-Group Ministry
Creating documents and systems that improve the health and strength of a small-group ministry used to be a real chore. But now we've done the work for you! Included you'll find16 policies and forms that can be fully customized to fit your church and ministry. These documents include job and ministry descriptions, application forms, leadership criteria, profiles, and much more. They will help you train leaders, organize and focus your groups, and support them well.

Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders
If there's one thing that every small-group ministry needs, it's small-group leaders. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find the right people for the job. And even when you find the right people, it can be tough to convince them to serve! With expert advice from Tom Bandy, Fred Smith, and others, we'll help you both recruit and raise up new small-group leaders from within your congregation.

Small-Group Assimilation Strategies
It's easy to see that small groups have a lot of potential for helping church visitors and new members become fully integrated into the life of a church. But potential doesn't always bring results. We'll train you to effectively assimilate new and existing church members into groups and keep small-group members connected to the church.

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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