Spiritual Disciplines Assessment Pack

Spiritual Disciplines Assessment Pack

Evaluate your spiritual health.

There is no sure-fire way to evaluate and quantify our spiritual health in numerical terms. We can't take a test to see if we are getting an A or D in our relationship with God. But we can at least get a rough idea about our spiritual health by taking an objective looks at our actions and beliefs. This resource will help you get a better understanding of yourself. Or use it in a small group to start a conversation about the depth and breadth of their spiritual journeys.

How to Use This Resource

Evaluate Your Walk With God
Ten key questions for assessing our devotional life.
Kevin A. Miller

Excusing Our Time with God
Evaluating the four factors that determine all we do.
Richard P. Hansen with David Wall

Five Reasons We Hesitate to Pray
What keeps us from coming closer to God?
Timothy Jones

Balancing the Demands
Do you need to find time for quiet solitude?
Kirk Byron Jones

Family Priorities
Here's how to rightly value your family.
Ben Patterson

Are You Emotionally Depleted?
Determine if you need to recharge your emotional reserves.
Bill Hybels

Conducting a Spiritual Audit
Twelve questions to keep your personal accounts in order.
Fred Smith

Silence and Solitude
Do you make time for these important disciplines?
JoHannah Reardon

What Is the Condition of Your Soul?
Assess how well you're living in grace.
John Ortberg


Total number of pages - 21

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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