Soul Care For Yourself and Your Group

Soul Care For Yourself and Your Group

Principles and practices to care for your soul and your group members' souls

A small-group director once told me that the most important thing he looks for in new leaders is a healthy, growing relationship with Christ. Without this aspect, he didn't care if the leader knew tons about the Bible, had great relational skills, or asked excellent questions. The state of a small-group leader's soul is decidedly important, yet so few leaders spend time on soul care. In fact, it's far more likely for leaders to experience burnout and fatigue.

Group members need soul care, too. Without it, they're unlikely to experience real transformation and life change. And small groups are a great place to provide it.

This Training Tool will give you advice on how to engage in soul care—both by yourself and in your group.

For a sample from this resource, read Silence and Solitude.

Leader's Guide


Soul Care 101
An overview of the principles and practices
By Stephen W. Smith

Caring for Your Soul

The Unending Tension
Somewhere between "abiding" and "abounding" is a quiet, productive place.
By John Ortberg

Openness: The Beginning of Soul Care
Our role and God's role in transformation
By Mindy Caliguire

Silence and Solitude
These spiritual disciplines supply fuel for the busy leader's soul.
By JoHannah Reardon

Rejuvenation for Church Leaders
10 practical ways to refresh your soul
By Skye Jethani

The Gift of Rest
Here's how to embrace the blessings of the Sabbath, and why we must do so.
By Lynne M. Baab

A Small-Group Leader's Most Important Job
It's probably not what you think.
By Jim Egli

Caring for Group Members' Souls

The Lost Art of Having a Buddy
Why life-giving friendship is foundational to soul care
By Stephen W. Smith

Safety in Numbers
Five steps to developing healthy community experiences
By Stephen Macchia

The Accountability Factor
An effective way to move beyond the limits of individual discipline
By Esther M. Bailey

The Place of Reflection in Soul Care
Reflection is an important practice in the life of a small group.
By Diana Bennett


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