Small Groups and Evangelism

Small Groups and Evangelism

Help your groups reach out to those who need the love of Christ.

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"As Christians, we all know that evangelism should be a priority in our everyday lives. But turning that knowledge into action can be a difficult proposition, especially when we enjoy the comfort and intimacy of a small group.

This download can provide your small group with the tools needed to effectively reach out as a community of believers, including practical advice from Bill Hybels, Jeff Arnold, Alan Danielson, and others. As a Training Theme, this download also includes devotionals, case studies, assessments, and activities to help your church train and support group leaders on the principles and methods of small-group evangelism."


The Implications of Hell
Why evangelism is more than a nice thing to do.
Matthew 13:47–51
by Bill Hybels


Training Small Groups to Reach Out
An interview with small-groups author and pastor Jeff Arnold.
Mark 2:13–17
a Christianity Today International interview


Turning the Church Inside Out
Steps to help your church make the transition to an outward-focused ministry.
Matthew 9:35–38
by Charles Roesel

Is Your Group Evangelistically Open?
Evaluate your group's strengths and weaknesses in light of different types of evangelism.
Philemon 6
by Joel Comiskey


Building a Bridge for Outreach
Teaming up to serve can change lives both inside and outside of your small group.
Jeremiah 22:16
by Krista Petty

Starting a Seeker Small Group
A step-by-step look into what you can expect.
Matthew 9:35–38
by Gary Bussman


Not off the Hook
When it comes to evangelism, make sure to start with the basics.
Romans 10:14–15
by Mark Mittleberg

Overcoming the Outreach Hurdles
Evangelism isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. But it's worth the risk.
1 Corinthians 9:19–22
by Craig Brian Larson


Turning Your Church Inside Out
Transforming self-centered worshipers into the living, breathing Body of Christ.
Matthew 25:34–40
by Charles Roesel

Creating an Outward Culture for Your Small Groups
Practical advice for turning around your small-group battleship.
Matthew 28:19–20
by Alan Danielson

Building a Great Outreach-Focused Group
Practical advice from an experienced leader.
1 Peter 3:15
by Cathy Mogus

Opening the Bible for Seekers
Small groups that thoughtfully use Scripture can serve an evangelistic purpose.
Isaiah 55:10–11
by Marilyn Kunz


60 Ways to Reach Out
by The River Church Community



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An Unremarkable Testimony
An Unremarkable Testimony
Some of us can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, and that’s okay.
Following Jesus Into the Arts
Following Jesus Into the Arts
Bringing real light to the lights of Hollywood
Loving Muslims One at a Time
Loving Muslims One at a Time
Reaching out is easier, and more effective, than you may think.
Sharing Your Faith Without Embarrassment or Coercion
Sharing Your Faith Without Embarrassment or Coercion
Here is a seven-step plan for you to follow.
Advance, with Erwin McManus (2 session study)
Advance, with Erwin McManus (2 session study)
When moving forward with God, we should "go until we get a no."
The Gospel, a Napkin, and Four Circles
The Gospel, a Napkin, and Four Circles
Examine a new way of expressing the gospel especially designed to explain God’s “Big Story” with diagrams simple enough to be drawn on a napkin at a coffee shop.