Small-Group Ministry Metrics

Small-Group Ministry Metrics

Measure what matters.

One of the questions that plagues small-group directors and pastors is this: How will we know if we’re successful? In other words, how will we know that we’re accomplishing our vision for small groups? The easy—and difficult—answer is that we must track certain metrics to see trends in our ministries. At the same time, we can’t live and die by the numbers. This resource will help you determine the kind of data that would be useful to measure in your ministry and also give you practical ideas on how to collect and analyze that data. It’s perfect for small-group directors to use on their own, or you can use this in a team of key ministry leaders.

For a free sample from this resource, read “How I Changed My Mind About Metrics.”

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How I Changed My Mind About Metrics

Numbers used to drive me crazy, but now I depend on them to minister well.

Julia Mateer

3 Metrics Every Small-Group Ministry Should Track

The essential measurements to measure how you’re doing

Will Johnston

Beyond Basic Metrics

Explore which data is helpful for your ministry to track.

Will Johnston

Are You Measuring the Right Things?

The most common metrics may not tell you what you really want to know.

Alan Danielson

Measuring Group Health Through Stories

Paired with numbers, stories give us a more complete picture of our ministry.

Carter Moss

When You Realize Numbers Aren’t Everything

A ministry flop taught us to focus on what really matters.

Life Together

Sample Surveys

Sample Small-Group Leader Survey
Sample Congregational Survey

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