Small-Group Member Orientation Guide

Small-Group Member Orientation Guide

Help your new and potential group members know what to expect, and what will be expected of them.

How to Be a Great Group Member
Six skills to help you make the most of your small-group experiences
By Joel Comiskey

Advice From an Experienced Group Member
How small groups contribute to one woman's spiritual growth
Interview with Hollie Baker-Lutz

What You Should Expect

The Stages of Small-Group Life
Here's what you and the other group members will experience as relationships progress.
By Randall Neighbour

What to Expect In a Group Bible Study
Practical advice for discussing God's Word in your small group
By Rick Howerton

What Should I Do With My Kids?
Here is an overview of the many ways to include children within your community.
By Reid Smith

How to Avoid a Bad Experience
Five tips to remember as you join a small group
By Carolyn Taketa

What Might Be Expected of You

A Quick Guide to Making Conversation
Simple skills to help you make the most of your group's fellowship time
By Reid Smith

Engaging Conflict in Small Groups
A look at the deeper issues underlying personality clashes
By Rick Lowry

Making the Most of Group Prayer
Understand what is appropriate and useful as your group gathers to pray.
By Pat J. Sikora

The Importance of Learning Styles
Understanding how you learn will help you make the most of your small group.
By Scottie May

Commit to Commitment
Taking the plunge into small-group life requires more than a willingness to dip your toe in the water.
By Rachel Gilmore

Prayer List

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