Small-Group Evaluations

Small-Group Evaluations

Make sure your individual groups and overall ministry are healthy.

Note: Click Seven Warning Signs to see a free assessment from this resource.

Just like it's important to have routine medical checkups to gauge your physical well-being, the small groups in your church need periods of assessment and evaluation in order to properly maintain ministry health. The handouts in this Assessment Pack are designed to evaluate specific dimensions of small-group ministry. They address individual small groups as well as church-wide group ministries.

Evaluate a Church-Wide Ministry

Evaluations for the COVID-19 Season
To help you process the many changes and prepare for the next phase of your small group ministry, we have curated evaluation questions to help you celebrate the wins, process what improvements are needed, and prepare for what is to come.
by Cynthia Crawford

Five Essentials for Small Group Health
How to keep your groups growing vibrantly
Jeremiah 30:17
by Randall Neighbor

Seven Warning Signs
Check for these seven areas where your small-group ministry can go sour
Proverbs 28:13
by Jack Dyson

A Gathering of Men
An effective group ministry can be a great entry point for men into the life of the church
Jeremiah 10:23
by Patrick Morley

Evaluate Individual Groups

A Big-Picture Assessment
Take a look at your group's leadership, soul life, and relationship to the whole church
3 John 2-4
by Dan Lentz

A Measure of Group Health
How close does your group come to matching the profile of a healthy, thriving ministry?
Ephesians 2:21-22
by Len Woods

When a Group Is Sick
Help find out whether course corrections are needed, or if it's time to abandon ship
Philippians 1:6
by Rick Lowry

Leader Self-Assessment
Search out your heart and your performance by considering these key issues
Exodus 3:11-12
by Len Woods

Evaluating Group Discussions
How well do you practice these principles of small-group discussions?
Luke 24:15-26
by JoHannah Reardon

Further Exploration

Books, downloads, and websites to help you assess the effectiveness of your small-group ministry.

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