Revolutionary Prayer in Your Small Group

Revolutionary Prayer in Your Small Group

It doesn't have to be boring or ineffective; it can be great.

"Prayer is a major part of every small group. Or at least it should be—when the goal of gathering together is spiritual growth and transformation, the Holy Spirit needs to be involved. And prayer before, during, and after a group gathering is a key element in that involvement.

Unfortunately, prayer has become an uncomfortable time for many small-group members. Or a boring time. Or a waste of time. That's because many groups dig themselves into a rut during prayer time—doing the same thing week after week. At some point, sharing around the circle and praying for the person on your right just loses its meaning.

Fortunately, the resources contained in this training packet can help."


Help Your Group Wake Up!
Common problems and practical solutions for praying together
By Andrew Wheeler

Beyond Prayer Requests
Groups should consider whether their requests line up with what God is doing.
By Wayne Jacobsen

Principles of Great Group Prayer

Making Prayer a Priority
Don't let the other elements of your group time squeeze out something this important.
By Seth Widner

Finding the Time to Pray
Because group members should never feel rushed or starved when it comes to prayer.
By Pat J. Sikora

Three Keys to Powerful Group Prayer
Practical advice gleaned from the struggles of a well-meaning small group
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Overcoming Common Obstacles
Move past the roadblocks that can prevent effective small-group prayer.
By Andrew Wheeler

Alternative Methods of Group Prayer

Invitational Exercises
Here are several innovative ways to help your group find focus before prayer time.
By Kim Engelmann

The Power of "Concert Prayer"
Learning to pray like the rest of the world is a great option for American small groups.
By Randall Neighbour

Developing and Using a Prayer Labyrinth
It can be done, and it can benefit your group.
By Rachel Gilmore

Accepting the Embrace of God
Experience a deep and transforming connection with God through Lectio Divina
By Father Luke Dysinger

How to Have a Prayer Vigil
Practical steps to make this important experience a success
By Angela Dion

Adding Spice to Group Prayers
Here are 15 practices that will help keep things interesting in your group.
By Rick Lowry

Prayer Labs
Make an effort to learn about (and practice) different forms of group prayer.
By Trevor Lee

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