Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders

Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders

Find the right people to lead your groups.

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If there's one thing that every small-group ministry needs, it's small-group leaders. Unfortunately, it can be tough to find the right people for that job. And even when you find the right people, it can be tough to convince them to serve! With expert advice from Tom Bandy, Fred Smith, and others, this download will help you both recruit and "raise up" new small-group leaders from within your congregation.

Fishing for True Small-Group Leaders
by Tom Bandy
Here's what it takes to reel in the kind of leader you really want.
1 Timothy 4:6–8

A Commonsense Approach to Recruiting New Leaders
by Mark Ingmire
A broad look at finding and developing the people you need
Jeremiah 3:15

Identifying Potential Leaders

Spotting New Leaders
by Angela Yee
They may not step forward, so here's how to find the leaders you need.
Acts 18:24–26

Eight Characteristics of Potential Leaders
by Fred Smith
Here are some practical ways to identify leadership potential.
2 Timothy 2:24

Small-Group Leaders Require Unnatural Selection
by Reid Smith
Practical advice for spotting and training new group leaders
Isaiah 55:8–9

"Home-Grown" Leaders

Growing New Leaders as Apprentices
by Eric Metcalf, Nick Plassman, and Carter Moss
A step-by-step approach to finding and developing apprentice leaders
1 Corinthians 11:1

Transforming Hosts into Spiritual Leaders
by Todd Smeltzer
Moving from low to high on the scale of responsibility
Romans 1:11–12

Recruiting Coaches and Shepherds
by Bill Easum and John Atkinson
When it's time to develop the next level of leadership for your ministry
1 Timothy 3:1–7

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