Recruit Great Coaches

Recruit Great Coaches

The essential qualities to look for in potential coaches

Note: For a sample from this training tool, read "Four Qualities All Small-Group Coaches Need."

There are a lot of benefits to having a coaching system in your small-group ministry. Leaders need people who can invest in them in meaningful ways, and coaches make that kind of care possible.

Even if you’re ready to start a coaching system, though, it can be difficult to know how to recruit great coaches. After all, what exactly makes a great coach? Will all small-group leaders work as coaches? This resource will explain what to look for in potential coaches and how to ask them to begin serving in this important role.

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Build a Coaching System
When you build the people, the people build the ministry.
Dr. Bill Donahue

What to Look for and How to Ask

Five Coaching Systems that Could Work for You
Pick a coaching system before choosing your coaches.
Bill Search

What Leaders Need from a Coach
Examining leaders' needs sheds light on the kind of people who make great coaches.
Dr. Bill Donahue

Coaching that Works
Hint: It begins with choosing great coaches.
David Owen

Develop the Next Level of Leadership in Your Ministry
When and how to look for coaches
Bill Easum and John Atkinson

Six Qualities of Great Coaches
What to look for in a potential coach
Carter Moss

Three Critical Tasks Coaches Must Master
Look for these skills in potential coaches
Bill Tenny-Brittian

Four Qualities All Small Group Coaches Need
What to look for in potential coaches for your ministry
Will Johnston

Make the Ask
Four steps to recruit a potential coach
Eric Metcalf, Carter Moss, and Nick Plassman


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