Reviving a Dying Small Group

Reviving a Dying Small Group

Use these resources to perform small-group CPR.

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Small groups have life cycles, just like people. And there comes a time when every small group dissolves or fades away. But that doesn't mean you should allow your group to experience a premature death.

If your group is experiencing a difficult time, this resource will help you determine whether the situation involves a mild cold or a lethal cancer. And if the prognosis is not fatal, this resource will also give you the tools you'll need to bring the group back to full health.

Evaluating the Illness

Is Our Small Group Dying?
By Joel Comiskey

Ten Questions
By Rick Lowry

Assessment: Five Essentials for Small-Group Health
By Randall Neighbor

Prescribing a Solution

Small-Group Resuscitation
By Rick Howerton

Reviving a Group with Dwindling Membership
By Teena M. Stewart

Reviving a Group from Interpersonal Conflict
By Dan Lentz

Reviving a Group By Involving Members
By Rick Howerton

Prescriptions for a Healthy Small Group
By Mike Mack

How to Kill Your Small Group
By Heather Zempel


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