Planning a Short-Term Missions Trip as a Group

Planning a Short-Term Missions Trip as a Group

Great advice to help you before and during your trip

What we have come to know as typical, American small groups are a good thing. They emphasize relationships, Bible study, worship, prayer, and many other important elements of community and the Christian life. But they need to go farther.

Specifically, small groups need to take the plunge to serve together. That should happen locally within the physical community of the group and church. But it can also happen through short-term missions trips. And that's the topic of the articles and resources within this download.

Why Missions?

Why Small Groups Need to Be On Mission
Because discipleship is more than we've given it credit for.
Alan Danielson

The Future of Short-Term Missions
Great ideas to keep in mind as your small group plans a trip
Interview with Paul Borthwick

Planning a Trip

Getting Started
The first three steps your group needs to take when planning a missions trip
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Prepared Pilgrims
Use this plan to keep your team prepared and ready for unexpected changes.
By Kevin D. Miller

Overcoming Obstacles
Here are ten common challenges your group may face (and tips for overcoming them).
By Rick Howerton

Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios
Planning for unexpected events on short-term missions here and abroad
By Laura Leonard

Making an Impact

Redeeming the Time
How to transform a missions trip into an opportunity for spiritual growth
By Tom Bandy

Small Groups and Local Mission Experiences
Make service and mission a part of your group life all year long.
By Alan Danielson

Ideas for Serving as a Small Group
Use this template to help your group get out into the community (and the world) to make a difference.
By Ben Reed and Alan Danielson


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