Planning a Group Service Project

Planning a Group Service Project

This resource is full of practical tools for both group leaders and church staff.

The concept of serving others almost always sounds good when people talk about it. But sometimes we forget to move forward and actually serve. Sometimes we just don't know how. This resource is a great way for individual small groups to get in the game. It will take you through the process of planning a service event from beginning to end, and includes several helpful tips and practical ideas.

This resource is also a great tool for pastors and churches. The "Event Planning Packet" contains several forms and guidelines that will be useful in organizing different projects and events. And "60 Ways to Reach Out" provides a wealth of real-life projects that can help all of your groups impact your community.

Note: To get a free preview of this download, check out Keri Wyatt Kent's article Taking the Next Step to Serve.

How to Use This Resource
Take a quick peek here to maximize the content in this training download.
By Sam O'Neal

Casting a Vision

The Benefits of Serving as a Small Group
Plus an overview of the steps it takes to get something done.
By Rick Howerton

Inspiring Your Groups to Serve
Several steps we learned from our journey into service.
By Eddie Mosley

Creating an Outward Culture for Your Ministry
Practical advice for turning around your small-groups battleship.
By Alan Danielson

Taking Action

Taking the Next Step to Serve
An overview of small-group service projects.
By Keri Wyatt Kent

Appointing a Service Coordinator
How to help your group grow and disciple a member at the same time.
By Heather Zempel

How Do We Choose Where to Serve?
Helpful hints for what can be a surprisingly tough decision.
By Sam O'Neal

The Logistics of Planning a Group Service Project
Here's what it takes to make things happen.
By Mark Ingmire

Event-Planning Packet

Project Ideas

60 Ways to Reach Out
These practical suggestions can help your group minister to "the least of these."
By the River Church Community

Assign Service as Homework
Move a burdensome task into a life-changing experience.
By Sue Skalicky

Resources for Further Exploration

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