Plan a One-Day Retreat for Your Small Group

Plan a One-Day Retreat for Your Small Group

You and your group members could use a break.

Your small group deserves a break, and this training tool is designed to show you how to organize a one-day retreat.

All of the content in this resource has been produced by Brenda Jank, a speaker, visionary leader, and champion of rest. Brenda established the Personal Retreat Center at Camp Lutherhaven in northeast Indiana.

You'll find articles and Bible studies to prepare you for a retreat, tips on preparing a time and place, and even a participant's guide that will serve as a roadmap for your group members on the day of the retreat. The content for the retreat is all ready for you—you just need to pick a day and location.

While this retreat is designed for small groups, there's no need to limit it to "official" small groups. Any group of believers could use this material to have a fruitful day of rest. Or plan a retreat specifically for leaders with Plan a One-Day Retreat for Leaders.

For a sample from this training tool, read "Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name."

How to Use This Resource

Prepare for the Retreat

A Letter to Small-Group Leaders
Be open to Jesus' invitation to rest.

Alone with the One Who Knows Your Name
A spiritual retreat can quiet your soul and renew your faith.

Getting Started
Leading a small-group retreat requires three things: a plan, a place, and an understanding of your group's priorities.

Room to Breathe
A pre-retreat Bible study

Before You Begin
Use these tips to make sure everything is ready to go on the day of the retreat.

Lead the Retreat

Opening Devotional
Help your group focus on the main point and purpose of the retreat.

Group Bible Study
A reflective study of Psalm 65 for small groups

Closing Devotional
Conclude your time together with a final thought from God's Word.

Participant's Guide

Instructions for Your Extended Quiet Time


Total number of pages - 36

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource within your local church.

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