Overcoming Growth Plateaus

Overcoming Growth Plateaus

Practical guidance for numerical and spiritual stagnation.

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Spiritual and numerical growth are important goals for any small-group ministry. They are good goals for individual groups, as well. However, all ministries (and groups) will experience plateaus. These are times of stagnation and standstill—times when growth is halted and everything comes to a stop. These times are usually a bit scary and almost always frustrating.

The articles within this resource will provide your church with practical insights for identifying and breaking through plateaus both on the ministry level and with individual small groups.

Plateaus in Single Small Groups

Running on Empty
What to do when your group has hit a plateau
By Rod Dempsey

Relational and Spiritual Plateaus
Overcoming the common "sticking points" of small-group life
By Tom Bandy

The Plateau of Numerical Growth
How to add new faces in a stagnant group
By Trevor Lee

Break the Huddle
How to help individuals and groups get in the game
By Mike Mack

Is Our Small Group Dying?
Use these symptoms to help determine the health of your group.
By Joel Comiskey

Plateaus in Small-Group Ministries

What Went Wrong?
Here are seven reasons why small-group ministries fail to soar.
By Jack Dyson

Handling Plateaus on a Ministry Level
Don't allow obstacles and setbacks to keep you down.
By Seth Widner

Small Groups and Church-Wide Plateaus
Key strategies for avoiding stagnation
By Alan Danielson

Chronic Jump-Start Syndrome
Is your small-group ministry suffering from this common disease?
By Dan Lentz

We Reproduce What We Recognize
If you're unhappy with elements of your current ministry, take a look at what you currently praise.
By Dan Lentz

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