Overcome Relationship Obstacles in Your Group

Overcome Relationship Obstacles in Your Group

Everything you need to tackle issues with group dynamics

Building relationships is at the core of small-group ministry. When those relationships go awry, your small group can become an uncomfortable, unfruitful gathering. Learn how to work through relationship mishaps and difficult group dynamics with this Small Group Essentials Training Tool. It has everything you need to work through boundary issues, problems with listening, conflict between members, group member quirks, and even issues that multigenerational groups face.

The Get Started Guide shows you exactly how to train yourself, train a leader or an apprentice one-on-one, or train a team of leaders through a training event. Use this guide to maximize the comprehensive training included in this resource.

Helping Group Members Become Great Listeners
When we take the time to engage in active listening, we learn a lot. We learn about the other person and hear his or her real struggles, joys, and needs. We also learn about our own tendencies—whether that's a desire to jump in too soon, stop listening to figure out our response, or pay attention to the more exciting conversation at the next table. But listening well is hard work! And unfortunately, most of us don't know how to listen all that well. Learn how to set the stage for an emotionally safe group and learn keys to good listening that you can share with group members. But be warned: it all starts with your example, leader. Your group members will follow what you model.

Ministering to Difficult Group Members
Leading a group seems so honorable, grand, and life-changing … until you run into difficult group dynamics. It's amazing how the actions of one person can dramatically alter the group. One person giving a little too much advice, one person talking a little too much, and the whole group is affected. Despite all the work you've put in to create a safe environment, it can all come crashing down when difficult group dynamics reign. And that's exactly why you need to learn how to address the issues. We give you the tools you need to keep your group healthy and on track--even when you have some interesting group dynamics at work.

Healthy Boundaries for Small Groups
The word boundaries has a bad rap. We instantly think about saying "no" to people or activities. But the truth is that boundaries allow us to say "yes" to healthy relationships—so we're actually helping others, but not at our family's or health's expense. Without healthy boundaries, relationships can go haywire quickly. With all the complex relationships in your small group, you definitely need to set up and maintain some boundaries. Discover what healthy boundaries look like for small groups. Learn how to establish boundaries with group members of the opposite sex, handle difficult group members, and talk with your group about meeting each other's needs in healthy ways. Plus, learn what your role is and isn't and when it's time to refer someone to a professional counselor.

Handling Conflict in Small Groups
The bad news is that conflict is an inevitable part of any successful small group. The good news is that group conflict can be managed effectively by any group leader, and can even strengthen relationships within a group. With practical advice from experts like Joel Comiskey, Mark Bonham, and Teena M. Stewart, you'll learn important skills for handling conflict and actually turning it into a growing point for your group.

Multigenerational Small Groups
Multigenerational groups give a true picture of the church, but our differences can sometimes be difficult to manage. Train leaders in the differences in the generations and in how to engage everyone in their group. This training material is perfect for use in coaching relationships, at your next leadership training meeting, or at your next training retreat. Included is a day-long retreat plan.

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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