Organize Your Small-Group Ministry

Organize Your Small-Group Ministry

The right structure will allow your ministry to thrive and grow.

Most leaders involved in small-group ministry consider themselves relational. We like connecting with people and encouraging them to grow. Because our focus is on relationships, many of us let organization slide. We figure our time is better spent on investing in people rather than organizing the ministry.

But the truth is that an organized ministry allows us to shepherd and care for people more effectively. That's what Will Johnston has learned in his years leading a thriving small-group ministry, and he shares his hard-won wisdom with us in this training tool. You'll learn critical skills to help you organize, structure, and support your small-group ministry regardless of size, model, or context.

For a free sample from this training tool, read "Build a Small-Group Ministry Team."

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Get Set for Success

Find the Right Structure for Your Ministry
A structure that's too small or too large will stunt your growth.
Will Johnston

Structure for Creativity
Practical ideas to keep your small-group ministry flourishing
Will Johnston

Build a Small-Group Ministry Team
Figure out what you need and recruit the right people.
Will Johnston

Develop Your Ministry Team
Coach your team to be effective and productive.
Will Johnston

Set Your Small-Group Ministry Calendar
Expert tips for creating a calendar that works for your church
Will Johnston

Ready to Change?

Make Changes Before You Think It's Time
Real leaders make proactive change to prepare for the future.
Will Johnston

Time to Make a Change
Change is hard, but choosing the right timing can make it go much smoother.
Will Johnston


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