Ministering to Struggling Small Group Leaders

Ministering to Struggling Small Group Leaders

A practical guide on preventing issues, dealing with specific struggles, and handling difficult conversations.

Small-group leaders have a huge impact on the success of small groups. They prepare questions, facilitate discussion, empower group members to minister to one another, and guide the group members toward their goals. So when a leader is struggling, the group most likely will be hurting as well. This Practical Ministry Skills resource will help you learn preventive measures your ministry can take, and give you practical skills on ministering to specific struggles and handling difficult conversations. In all, you'll receive twelve great articles to help you keep leaders on track and restore leaders who are struggling.

Proactive Prevention

The Proper Care and Feeding of Group Leaders
Be proactive, make them a priority, and stress the importance of confidentiality.
By Steve Grusendorf

Checking a Leader's RPMS
Assisting your leaders' relational, physical, mental, and spiritual development
By Community Christian Church

Warning Signs
How to recognize a small-group leader is in trouble
By Mark Ingmire

Specific Struggles

Ministering to an Ineffective Leader
Identifying common causes and common cures
By Seth Widner

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's Burned Out After All?
Identifying and ministering to leaders facing burn out
By Peri Gilbert

When a Leader Promotes Bitterness against the Church
Signs of a problem, and steps to remedy the situation
By Linda McCullough Moore

When a Leader Refuses Help
Being a faithful pastor to everyone involved
By Trevor Lee

When a Group Leader is Addicted to Pornography
Promoting healing and restoration
By Rick Howerton

When a Group Leader Promotes Heresy
Whether it's intentional or not, it must be addressed
By Joel Comiskey

Difficult Conversations

When It's Time to Discipline a Group Leader
Here are three important steps that can make a tough task more effective.
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Guidelines for Speaking the Truth in Love
Practical advice for your most difficult conversations
By Community Christian Church

When You Need to Remove a Group Leader
While difficult, sometimes it needs to be done for the health of the leader and ministry.
By Thomas G. Bandy


Further Exploration
Websites and books to help you minister to struggling leaders

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