Ministering to Difficult Group Members

Ministering to Difficult Group Members

How to effectively lead a group without letting members' quirks get you off track

Leading a group seems so honorable, grand, and life-changing—until you run into difficult group dynamics. It's amazing how the actions of one person can dramatically alter the group. One person giving a little too much advice, one person talking a little too much, and the whole group is affected. Despite all the work you've put in to create a safe environment, it can all come crashing down when difficult group dynamics reign. And that's exactly why you need to learn how to address the issues. This resource will give you the tools you need to keep your group healthy and on track—even when you have some interesting group dynamics at work.

For a sample from this resource, read Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache.

Leader's Guide


The Blessing of "Problem People"
Why EGR should be considered a dirty word
By Sam O'Neal

Discussion Problems

When Someone Hijacks Your Group
Four common hijackers and ways to respond
By Margaret Feinberg

When Someone Kills Discussion
When someone talks too much, too little, gives advice, or has a misbehaving child
By Sam O'Neal

When Someone Gets the Group Off Topic
Seven tips to stay on track
By Reid Smith

When Someone Isn't Listening Well
Teach your group members how to listen well by modeling
By Diana Bennett

When Someone Causes Doctrinal Conflict
Five methods for approaching doctrinal strife in your group
By Joel Comiskey

When Someone Promotes False Theology
Prevention strategies and tips for addressing heresy in your small gorup
By Reid Smith

When Someone Shows Favoritism
The dangers of differential responding in a small-group setting
By Brooke B. Collison

Other Issues

Coping with People Who Beef, Bite, and Bellyache
How to handle difficult relationships in your small group
By Les Parrott

Why Bother?!
What to do when group members aren't as committed as you'd like
By Allen White

Restoring Group Harmony
What to do when people are in serious conflict
By Les Parrott


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