Minister to Multiple Spiritual Maturity Levels

Minister to Multiple Spiritual Maturity Levels

Engage everyone in your group from not-yet believer to mature follower.

Your group probably consists of people of various levels of spiritual maturity, and that can be challenging. When one group member is a new believer asking lots of questions, another is a veteran believer looking for ways to share her wisdom, and another is simply trying to figure it all out, leaders will have difficulty engaging everyone. But there is hope. This resource will teach you how to maximize relationships between people in different stages. The articles will give you practical tips on handling issues that come up in multi-stage groups, including generational issues, difficult people, creating good application questions, and more. Plus, you'll receive assessments, case studies, activities, and even a retreat plan on how to use this resource at your next leader training event.

Note: For a sample from this resource, read Four Opportunities for Multi-Stage Groups.


Think Differently about Multi-Stage Groups
Throw out your expectations and focus on the opportunities.
By Amy Jackson


Cultivating Disciple-Making Environments for Everyone
Create an environment that encourages the disciple-making process.
By Reid Smith

Create Comfort
Make new believers and seekers comfortable among mature believers.
By Reid Smith

Case Studies

Mentoring Brings People Together
People in different life stages and spiritual maturity levels have something to teach each other.
By Maegan Hawley

Connect Different Life Stages in One Group
Work through the challenges so everyone gains.
By Maegan Hawley

How-To Articles

Four Opportunities for Multi-Stage Groups
A mixture of spiritual maturity can help small-group members move closer to God and to one another.
By Rachel Gilmore

Ministering to New Believers and Nonbelievers
When new believers join a group of seasoned believers
By Peri Gilbert

Practical Ways to Reach Everyone
When the differences are generational
Compiled by the editors of

Application at Any Stage
Create tailor-made application questions for your group.
By Rick Lowry

Four Questions for Every Small-Group Leader
Regardless of what you're studying, these questions will help you dig in and connect with God.
By Jim Egli

Handling Difficult People
Sometimes group members need extra care.
By Dr. Jim Jackson


Activities for Your Training Event
Two helpful activities to use during your time together
By Keri Wyatt Kent

Follow in the Footsteps of Bonhoeffer
A meeting plan for going deeper
By Will Johnston


Further Exploration
Retreat Plan

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