Meaningful Worship in Small Groups

Meaningful Worship in Small Groups

Includes tips for singing and other methods of connecting with and praising God

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"Worship should be an important part of any small group, but we don't always know how to approach it. Things often get a little painful when people try to re-create a Sunday-style worship service in a small living room, but there is still a place for singing in community. There's also a place for other methods of worship, like corporate prayer, responsive readings, and other activities.

This downloadable resource can help your group members experience a balanced and meaningful time of worshiping our great God."

The Worshipping Life
Your small group can enhance your everyday worship as a follower of Christ.
Romans 12:1–2
by Adele Calhoun

A Theology of Small-Group Worship
Spiritual formation for individuals, small groups, and the church.
Philippians 2:1–11
by Bonnie McMaken

Singing as a Small Group

Yes! You Can Worship in Your Small Group
Five important steps that can prepare your group for worship.
John 3:14–15
by Mike Helm

Small-Group Worship
Practical tips for leading worship songs in a group context.
Matthew 18:20
by Tim Hughes

Leading Worship in a Small Group
Helpful tips for leading others in worship through song.
Colossians 3:16
by Steven Reames

Other Forms of Worship

Better Group Prayer
Quick tips for small groups looking to experience the Holy Spirit through corporate prayer.
Ephesians 6:18
by Angela Dion

How to Have a Prayer Vigil
Plan a time of deep connection with God and others in your group.
by Angela Dion

Worship with a Dramatic Reading
An effective and reproducible way to engage the Scriptures in worship.
Job 1:20–22
by Tami Rudkin

Creative Ideas for Group Worship
Worshiping God means more than singing and clapping hands.
Psalm 150:1–6
by Tami Rudkin

Additional Resources
Suggestions for websites and books to help your group worship together.

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