Meaningful Groups for Emerging Adults

Meaningful Groups for Emerging Adults

Ministering to the life stage of 18- to 30-year-olds

While adolescence was once the time for exploration and making decisions about adult life, these tasks have been delayed. In fact, the time between 18 and 30 has now become the season for individuals to explore their beliefs, passions, and interests; and they're pushing off marriage and parenting in order to do so. This new life stage, called emerging adulthood, presents unique challenges for churches. Emerging adults are looking for authenticity and connection more than flashy programming or loud music. They're struggling with questions about meaning and vocation. They want people to pour into them, and they're looking for ways to make a difference in the world.

The good news is that small groups can make a difference in the spiritual formation of emerging adults. This resource will help you understand the life stage of emerging adulthood and provide practical steps for ministering to these young people through small groups.

For a sample from this resource, see The Faith of Emerging Adults.

Leader's Guide

What Is Emerging Adulthood?

Getting a Life
The rise of emerging adulthood
By Christian Smith

The Faith of Emerging Adults
Implications for the church
By Christian Smith

Meet the Emerging Adults
And learn what this life stage is all about
By Amy Jackson

Meeting the Needs of Emerging Adulthood

Spiritual Formation of Emerging Adults
How small groups can help meet that need
Interview with David Setran

Searching for Holistic Discipleship
Looking to Mark 1 for the relationship between mission and discipleship
By Alan Danielson

The Young and the Rootless
Helping emerging adults find roots through small groups
By Beatrice Rusu

From Relevant Dude to Spiritual Father
Emerging adults are looking for a different type of leader.
By Kevin A. Miller

Creating an Environment for Empowerment
Four ways to create opportunities to empower emerging adult group members
By Diana Bennett

Small-Group Listening Skills
Simple tips for becoming great listeners
By Bill Search


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