Meaningful Application in Small Groups

Meaningful Application in Small Groups

Make sure your people are doing more than discussing God's Word.

Most small groups operating today are very good at discussing information and ideas. Many are also good at identifying ways that such information and ideas could be applied to living the Christian life. But taking the step from talking about what we know to actually doing something about it is another story.

And that's a shame. Because just like faith without works is dead, small groups that talk about the kingdom of God without experiencing genuine transformation are useless.

The resources presented within this Training Theme are designed to help your small group avoid the mistake of learning without doing. Those resources include assessments, case studies, articles, learning activities, and more—all designed to help your groups and group leaders understand the importance of genuine application.

For a free sample, read Application: The Basics.


A Warning Against Misuse
Take heed if you want to be truly transformed.
By David Daniels


Conducting a Spiritual Audit
Twelve questions to help keep your personal accounts in order
By Fred Smith

Are We Being Transformed?
Use this assessment to get a group-wide view of your spiritual progress.
By Trevor Lee

Case Studies

Small Group Re-Mix
How one church changed things up for unity's sake
By Rachel Gilmore

Taming Boredom in a Small Group
A case study in application
By Pat J. Sikora

How-To Articles

Application: The Basics
What keeps most small groups stuck on the surface and unable to break through to experience real life change?
By Dave Treat

Hand-Crafted Application Questions
Make sure your material fits your group members.
By Rick Lowry

Connecting Application and Accountability
A necessary step for producing life-change
By Mark Ingmire

Connecting Application and Transparency
Practical ways to set an appropriate pace and tone in your group
By Pat J. Sikora

Connecting Application and Evaluation
Here's how to answer the question, "Was it a good meeting?"
By Tom Bandy


Having Fun with Ancient Runes
A creative way to get people thinking about knowledge and behavior
By Sam O'Neal


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