Making Small Groups Fun!

Making Small Groups Fun!

It's not just a good idea; it's necessary.

When it comes to how the world and our modern culture views Christianity, there are a lot of unwarranted stereotypes out there. But a truly unfortunate one is the idea that Christians don't like having fun—and especially don't like it when other people have fun around them. It’s an unfortunate pigeonhole because it's so far from the truth of God and his Word. The Bible is filled with feasts, celebrations, parties, and even quite a bit of humor. God is fun, after all, and we are all created in his image.

Another reason this stereotype is so unfortunate is that so many Christians seem to embrace it. There is an idea out there in many churches that spiritual growth is a "serious" endeavor. But spiritual growth can be both serious and fun, both quiet and lively, both somber and excited. Just take the spiritual practices of hospitality and community for example. This resource will help group leaders add fun elements and activities to their groups to both add levity and deepen relationships. After all, adding some fun to your time together can be the best catalyst for meaningful growth.

Note: You can see a preview of this download by reading An Open Letter to Small-Group Pastors, by Ben Reed.

Got Fun?

An Open Letter to Small-Group Pastors
Why you need to focus on fun with your small groups, and how to actually do it
By Ben Reed

The Necessary Element of Fun
Why having a good time is essential for relationships and spiritual growth
By Sam O'Neal

A Joy-Filled Small Group
Because the joy of the Lord is our strength
By Mike Mack

Adding Fun to Your Regular Group Activities

Five Times the Fun
Here are five ideas for building relationships inside and outside of small groups
By Peri Sandifer

Make Your Discussions Fun
It goes beyond avoiding boredom.
By Rick Howerton

Fun Opportunities for Serving as a Group
That's right: "fun" and "service" can be mixed.
By Alan Danielson

Celebrate Before the Lord
Practical advice for injecting fun into your small-group worship
By Trevor Lee

More than Melodies
Rethinking worship in small groups
By Annie Michaels

Small Groups and the Holiday Spirit
Because Christians have more to celebrate than anyone else!
By Tom Bandy

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