Making a Case for Small Groups

Making a Case for Small Groups

Gain practical tips for helping others understand the value of small groups

Small-group ministry point people have the important job of explaining what small groups are and why they matter. And sometimes that job is a lot harder than expected. This resource will not only encourage you to keep at it, but also give you practical tips for communicating well about small groups. Remind yourself why small groups are important and form a strategy for helping others catch that vision.

For a sample from this resource, see Why Small Groups?

Leader's Guide


Why Small Groups?
The reason behind intentional Christian community
By Carolyn Taketa

Much-Needed Encouragement

The Difference a Small Group Can Make
A story of small-group success
By Seth Widner

Gaining Buy In
Encouragement from a former small-group director
By Amy Jackson

Six Reasons You Want to Quit
And why you shouldn't
By Jenifer Aguilar

Practical Tips

Help Your Senior Pastor Love Small Groups
Tips for small-group ministry leaders (and senior pastors, too)
By Alan Danielson

Get Your Church Leadership On Board
Five tips to make your church leadership your biggest proponents
By Spence Shelton

Small Groups Aren't for Me
Combating common excuses
By Allen White

Minute to Win It
Promote small groups in 60 seconds
By Steve Grusendorf


Total number of pages: 24

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource within your local church.

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