Life-Changing Small Groups for Couples

Life-Changing Small Groups for Couples

How to minister effectively to a key demographic

It's safe to say that couples are present in most of the small groups operating around the world today. Sometimes this involves a couples-only setting, but more often couples are mixed together with people from other life situation and stages. Most of these couples are a blessing to the small groups they have joined, but they also come with unique challenges and opportunities for ministry.

For example: how does accountability work in a small group where couples are present? What do couples require for spiritual growth? What needs to happen when women lead men as part of a group (and vice versa)? How can conflict between couples be resolved?

These are the questions (and more) that are explored and answered in the pages of this resource.

Best Friends Forever
The power of getting couples together to share life, struggles, and faith
By Marie Guthrie

Ministering to Couples

Spiritual Growth for Couples
Practical tips for your group meetings and beyond
By Trevor Lee

When Women Lead Men in a Group
Her are six simple principles that you can apply today.
By Amy Simpson

When Men Lead Women
Choose to empower rather than buying into the myths.
By Maegan Stout

Effective Accountability in Couples Small Groups
It can be done, and it will enhance your group.
By Seth Widner

Don't Let Leading a Group Damage Your Marriage
Because your spouse should always come first
By Spence Shelton

Overcoming Obstacles

Common Challenges for Couples in Small Groups
On overview of several issues and solutions
By Rick Lowry

Conflict Within and Between Couples
It's best to deal with issues as they come up.
By Rachel Gilmore

When Divorce Visits Your Small Group
What to do in the likely event of a marital crisis
By Lee Dean

When Children Behave Badly
Important tips and principles for disciplining children in a small group
By Rachel Gilmore

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