Leading a Great Small-Group Bible Study
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Leading a Great Small-Group Bible Study

How to move your group below the surface.

Starting a small-group Bible study is an exciting adventure, but it can also leave leaders with lots of questions. How should I prepare? What kinds of questions should I ask? How can I make the most of our study?

This Training Tool will answer your questions and give you the confidence to lead your Bible study. Learn how to prepare before you meet, and discover the kinds of questions to ask for an engaging discussion. Plus, evaluate your group prayer time and expore how your group can be an instrument for outreach.

For a free sample from this resource see Handing Out Spoons.

Leader's Guide

Leading a Great Bible Discussion

The Study Before the Study
Every leader needs individual preparation time before the meeting starts.
By Carl George

Asking Rock-Solid Questions
Jesus asked great questions, and so should you.
By Gregory Carlson

Questions for Digging Deeper
Open up your group Bible study by strategically introducing these angles on the text.
By Jeffrey Arnold

Four Questions for Every Small-Group Bible Study
Regardless of what you're studying, these questions will help you dig in and connect with God.
By Jim Egli

How to Lead a Meaningful Discussion
Follow these basic principles for leading a small group.
By JoHannah Reardon

Mature Believers, New Believers, Same Group
Leading a group with longtime Bible students and rookies requires a balanced approach.
By Earl Palmer

Other Meeting Elements

Handing Out Spoons
Do your group a favor: assign homework and teach them to feed themselves.
By Pat J. Sikora

A Proper Understanding of Group Prayer
How well is your group connecting with God through prayer?
By Spence Shelton

The Faith-Sharing Bible Study
Groups that study Scripture together can be an open door to the unchurched.
By Marilyn Kunz


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