Launching Small Groups in a Smaller Church
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Launching Small Groups in a Smaller Church

Great advice for the majority of American churches

Studies show that a large majority of churches in the USA are smaller in size—having fewer than 200 members. So what is necessary when it comes to these churches starting a small-groups ministry?

If you are exploring the option of launching a small-groups ministry in your church, you have probably already planned one or more meetings to discuss the option. And that's where this Training Theme can help—it provides a schedule and helpful resources to help your church's leaders think through the issues surrounding a small-groups launch, and what your church should do next.


A Conversation with Chuck Warnock
An experienced practitioner examines the intersection between small churches and small groups.
Interview conducted by Rachel Gilmore


Building a Healthy Small-Group Ministry
Seven important questions you need to consider at the beginning
By Jeff Arnold

Five Essentials for Small-Group Health
How to keep your groups growing vibrantly
By Randall Neighbour

Case Studies

Resurrecting a Dying Ministry
Small groups proved a key element in transforming our stagnant prayer service on Wednesday nights.
By Steve Grusendorf

Encouraging Small-Group Growth
Patience was a virtue for this small church when it came to launching a group for young couples.
By Rachel Gilmore

How-to Articles

Why Small Groups?
The answer might surprise you.
By Dan Lentz

The Benefits of Small Groups in a Smaller Church
The power of accountability, momentum, and missional identity
By Rachel Gilmore

Your First Three Steps
Use these keys to successfully start up a small-groups ministry in a smaller church.
By Joel Comiskey, Ph.D.

Maximize Your Existing Groups
Because they are a great way to seed and support your new small-groups ministry
By Trevor Lee

Overcoming Obstacles
Here are two unique challenges small churches experience when it comes to small-group ministry.
By Tom Bandy


Finding an Elevator Pitch
An easy exercise that will help your group identify the purpose and benefits of your new ministry
By Sam O'Neal


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