Launching a Lay Counseling Ministry

Launching a Lay Counseling Ministry

Ministering to hurting people is an important part of any church.

Ministering to hurting people is an important part of any church. These practical and succinct handouts are helpful in teaching your leaders how to implement an effective lay counseling minstry. You'll find help in setting up your ministry, learn about legal guidelines and learn how to equip counselors.

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Setting Up a Ministry

Fitting in a Lay Counseling Ministry
Why you need a counseling ministry that is part of a congregational-care strategy.
By Dale S. Ryan

How to Select and Train Counselors
Advice to help you equip the right people for this important ministry
By Gary R. Collins

Problems and Solutions
Anticipate the challenges of lay counseling and learn how you can overcome them.
By Gary R. Collins

Legal Guidelines for Lay Counselors
Risks and risk management for your lay counseling program.
By Richard Hammar

Equipping Counselors

Maintaining a Balance
A self-check for the psychological health of lay counselors
By Jim Smith

How to Make a Referral
The next step when you lack either the time or the qualifications to counsel.
By Randy Christian

Counseling Families
The rules of engagement in domestic conflict
By Randall Hasper

What You Need to Know About Listening
Advice from a lay counselor with a no-nonsense approach
By Fred Smith

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