Launching a Church-Wide Campaign

Launching a Church-Wide Campaign

Yes, your church can pull it off!

Note: check out Twelve Tips for a Successful Campaign to see a sample article from this resource.

For many church leaders, organizing and executing a church-wide campaign seems like a daunting task—or at least a task that raises a multitude of questions. How do we choose the right material? Can we make our own curriculum based on the pastor's sermon? How do we convince existing small groups to get on board with the campaign? How do we let the congregation know about our plans in a way that gets everyone excited to participate? How do convince people to join a new small group during the campaign, and where do we find leaders for those groups? What do we do as a church when the campaign is over?

Thankfully, "Launching a Church-Wide Campaign" has answers and practical advice for all of these questions and more.


Twelve Steps for a Successful Campaign
A step-by-step guide from a campaign super hero
By Steve Gladen

Beware the Campaign Half-Life
Two tough questions for churches using small-group campaigns
By Dan Lentz

Key Practices for All Campaigns

Small-Group Leaders Versus Small-Group Hosts
A quick overview of the issues and advice to help you make a decison
By Bill Search

Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders
Here are five steps that will guide you through the process.
By Rick Howerton

Recruiting New Small-Group Members
Four steps your church needs to take
By Rick Howerton

How to Include Existing Leaders and Groups
You can't assume that everyone will jump on board with your plans, but you can help.
By Danny R. Von Kanel

Four Important Steps You Haven't Considered
Don't get caught unprepared on this campaign.
By Alan Danielson

The Top 10 Reasons Campaigns Miss the Mark
Think through these missteps so that your church can avoid repeating them.
By Mark Howell

Key Practices for Sermon-Based Campaigns

Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups
The lecture/lab model is great for both small groups and Sunday mornings.
By Larry Osborne

Questions and Answers for Existing Small Groups
Have a plan for responding to these common queries.
By Rick Lowry

Writing Sermon-Based Study Guides
How to adapt the weekly message into a small-group discussion
By Terry Powell

Creating Sermon-Based DVD Curriculum
Why a "group in a bag" approach is not as difficult as it may sound By Reid Smith

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