Improving Communication for Effective Small-Group Ministry

Improving Communication for Effective Small-Group Ministry

Communicate your message about small groups to church leaders, small-group leaders, and church members in a clear and compelling way.

One of the most common topics among church staff is communication. Unfortunately, you may spend more time talking about fixing miscommunication than proactively working on communicating well. It's just too easy for communication to go wrong. And yet, the effectiveness of small-group ministry largely depends on how well we're communicating. From communicating about values and vision to letting people know how to sign up for groups, this resource will help you communicate more effectively.

For a sample, see Instill the Vision in Your Small-Group Leaders.

Leader's Guide

Communicating to Church Leaders

Get Your Church Leadership on Board
Five tips to make your church leadership your biggest proponents
By Spence Shelton

Helping Senior Pastors Love Small Groups
Five tips for small-group ministry leaders and some important words for senior pastors
By Alan Danielson

Communicating to Small-Group Leaders

Casting 20/20 Vision for Your Leaders
Effectively communicate your vision for small-group ministry
By Ben Reed

Instill the Vision in Your Small-Group Leaders
Five tools to effectively communicate your vision
By Eric Metcalf

The Connected Small-Group Leader
The importance of connecting all small-group leaders with coaches
By Seth Widner

Communicating to Church Members

A Leader Upgrade You Don't Want to Miss
Why training your small-group members should be part of your strategy
By Alan Danielson

Align Your Church with One Big Idea
Keep communication consistent by focusing on one thing
By Eric Metcalf

Communicating So People Hear You
Five ways to keep communication fresh
By Ben Reed


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