Hospitality in Small Groups

Hospitality in Small Groups

How to help your group members feel at home

Churches are becoming more and more aware of the value that hospitality plays on Sunday mornings. Having greeters who welcome both newcomers and veterans with a smile is now a necessity. Coffee and food are a major plus for a generation of people who can't seem to operate without the stuff. Most important is an overall atmosphere of warmth—turning "church" into a place where people actually enjoy spending time.

And if that's becoming a major focus on Sunday morning, how much more should hospitality be emphasized for small groups and small-group leaders?

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By Sam O'Neal

Why Hospitality?

The Theology of Huckleberry Pie
And our surprising role model for the value of hospitality
By Stephanie Voiland

My House, God's House
Hospitality is not merely good manners; it's a ministry of healing.
By Marilyn Chandler-McEntyre

Overcoming Excuses
It's hard for people to believe we want them in heaven if we don't want them in our living room.
By Ralph W. Neighbor, Jr.

Hospitality in Small Groups

Beyond the Checklist
A look at how your small group can be more hospitable
By Mark Ingram

Five Keys to Practicing Hospitality
Explore the blessings and challenges of opening your home.
By Trevor Lee

Ten Practices of Hospitable Group Leaders
Helpful advice for opening your home to others
By Jennifer Leigh-Ryan

Your Open Home
The main principles and challenges of small-group hospitality.
By Linda McCullough-Moore

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Small Group
Why it's important, and what to do if you don't have one.
By North Point Ministries, Inc.


Recipes: Light Snacks and Desserts
Your group members will thank you for these practical, yet tasty, treats.

Recipes: Dinner Entrees
Your group members will thank you for these easy and tasty meals.

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