Helping Group Members Become Great Listeners

Helping Group Members Become Great Listeners

Teaching a critical relationship skill

When we take the time to engage in active listening, we learn a lot. We learn about the other person and hear his or her real struggles, joys, and needs. We also learn about our own tendencies—whether that's a desire to jump in too soon, stop listening to figure out our response, or pay attention to the more exciting conversation at the next table.

But listening well is hard work! And unfortunately, most of us don't know how to listen all that well. Use this resource to gain some expert, field-tested guidance for helping your group members become great listeners. You'll learn how to set the stage for an emotionally safe group and learn keys to good listening that you can share with group members. But be warned: it all starts with your example, leader. Your group members will follow what you model.

For a sample from this resource, see Show Them How.

Leader's Guide


The Heart of Listening
An overview on listening well
By Beatrice Rusu

Setting the Stage

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Small Group
Because if it's not safe, no one will share.
By North Point Ministries, Inc.

Having a Mindset of Empowerment
Listen for growth opportunities.
By Diana Bennett

Teaching Group Members to Listen Well

Show Them How
Teach your group members how to listen well by modeling.
By Diana Bennett

Lead the Way
Three critical listening skills for small-group leaders
By Joel Comiskey

Help Group Members Become Great Listeners
Telling them the benefits and showing them how
By Rick Howerton

Small-Group Listening Skills
Simple tips for becoming great listeners
By Bill Search

Learning to Listen
The importance of paying attention
By Dave Treat


Total number of pages: 25

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