Healthy Small Groups

Healthy Small Groups

Evaluate whether your group is healthy and take action to move it in the right direction.

All small-group leaders would say they want to lead a healthy group. At the same time, it can be difficult to determine what makes a healthy group. This Training Tool will explain the elements of healthy groups—things like leader health, group safety, fun, and shared ownership—and show you how to move your group in the right direction. This Training Theme is perfect for use during a training session with leaders. Take a peek at the Retreat Plan at the end for ideas on how to use these articles in a one-day retreat.

For a free sample from this resource, read "Cultivate a Disciple-Making Environment."

Leader's Guide


Handling Difficult Personalities
It starts with knowing your heart.
By Jeffrey Arnold


Six Habits of Healthy Small-Group Leaders
Because healthy leaders lead healthy groups.
By Sheila Ely

Is Your Small Group Thriving?
Be sure to answer that based on your group's current stage of development.
By Carolyn Taketa

Case Studies

We're Not Growing Anymore
When you feel the tension between going deep and reaching out
By Gary D. Preston

Engaging Conflict in Groups
Restore health to your group when tensions arise.
By Mark Bonham

How-To Articles

Cultivate a Disciple-Making Environment
You can create the right environment for a healthy group.
By Reid Smith

The Connected Small-Group Leader
The importance of staying connected to your coach
By Seth Widner

Is Your Group Safe for Open-Heart Surgery?
Becoming places of true authenticity and heart transformation
By Eddy Hall

The Necessary Element of Fun
Why having a good time is essential for relationships and spiritual growth
By Sam O'Neal

How to Share Ownership of Your Small Group
For a healthy group, let everyone pitch in.
By Jay Firebaugh

Six Steps for Conflict Resolution
A professional's tips for clearing the air
By Steve Larson

Past, Present, and Future
Questions to help build community in your group
By Jeffrey Arnold


Retreat Plan

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